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How to arrive

  • By Plane
    Bariloche airport is near the city center.
  • By Bus
    Argentine buses are very confortable. The bus fares include the following services:

micro- Breakfast, dinner and lunch on board
- Confortable reclining seats. Semi-cama, Cama and Cama total services.
- On-board service
- Heating and air conditioning
- Videos
- Bathroom

There are various Bus Companies that offer land trasportation to Bariloche from many cities in Argentina and Chile and with several schedules per day. If you are in Buenos Aires, you can buy your ticket in the Retiro Bus Station: http://www.omnilineas.com.ar/bus/retiro/bariloche/

There you will find the following Companies:

- Vía Bariloche
- Chevalier
- El Rápido Argentino
- Andesmar
- Crucero del Norte



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