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Spanish Levels

student 6BSL Spanish School wants to know your Spanish level in advance. Therefore, when booking on-line or on arrival the first day, we ask you to undertake an oral and written assessment to identify your level, what you need to learn or improve and your major interests.

The organization of our courses follows the general sequence of the rest of the Spanish Schools’ programs. This enables you to continue your studies in other cities of Argentina, South America and Spain.

Every week you can complete a level. You decide how many weeks you will be studying at BSL and at the end you will receive an Attedance Certificate indicating the level reached.

Based on the program carried out by the Philosophy and Language School of the University of Buenos Aires, all levels of BSL programs include the River Plate variety of the Spanish language (argentinean regionalisms), neutral Spanish with different latinamerican varieties and Iberian Spanish.

Therefore, our spanish courses comprise the various Spanish varieties for the student to have a general knowledge of the language as well as an ability to distinguish specific features of it and communicate beyond differences.

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  • Group Lessons +

    Small groups encorage students to develop and practise their oral communication skills, through constant interaction and participation.   Read More
  • One to One (1:1) +

    This program is tailored to suit the student’s specific goals, needs and learning pace.   Read More
  • Semi-private Lessons +

    This program is only for people comming together –friends, couples, families- that prefer private to open groups. It is necessary Read More
  • Super Intensive Course +

    This course consists of daily 6-hour lessons, 4 hours in small groups in the morning and 2 hours private Spanish Read More
  • Daily Modules forTravellers +

    "Survival Spanish Program"  is specifically designed to quickly learn the basics of Spanish communication needed in everyday situations.   Read More
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BSL Spanish School organizes a number of after school activities for you can practise your Spanish while you experience our culture, enjoy the beauty of Patagonian landscape, know about its flora and fauna and have fun.

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