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Argentinean Culture & History

Private or Semi-private lessons
Course length: 2 weeks

Private: 15 hours per week - 3 hours a day 
Semi-Private: 20 hours per week – 4 hours a day

argentineanAt BSL we believe that teaching a language is more than teaching grammar and vocabulary. It is to transmit the local culture, history and traditions.

For this reason, BSL has designed a program dedicated to teaching LatinAmerican and Argentinean history and culture. It is aimed at advanced Spanish students that are willing to improve their linguistic skills: oral and written production and listening comprehension.

Throughout the course, we use authentic material (history documents, literary productions, movies, documentals, radio and TV programs, etc.). Students Students acquire vocabulary and practise their skills while they discover the real historic and social context of the language they are learning. Students decide whether they prefer to study Latin American culture in general or to focus on a special period or country.

Minimum Spanish level required: Advanced II

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BSL Spanish School organizes a number of after school activities for you can practise your Spanish while you experience our culture, enjoy the beauty of Patagonian landscape, know about its flora and fauna and have fun.

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