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Regulation of Family Stays

BSL -  Regulation of Family Stays

1) To enjoy your inmersion experience with the family, we recommend you to be ready for:

- Spend time with your host family and participate in daily activities.

- Join your family when they invite you to participate in special events, trips or activities.

-  Always try to speak in Spanish. The family is used to hosting students and really wants to help you to improve your skills. Feel confident at speaking, they will be patient and understanding; they know it can be difficult at times.

2) During your stay, please be kind and respectful with your host family. They feel responsible for you and concern about your safety and wellbeing

-  It is expected that you are on time for dinner / breakfast. Please let them know in advance when you are arriving late or eating out.

- Please communicate changes to your schedule or if you are going to be out of the city for  the weekend.

3) Please respect the family customs and living norms:

- Please do not make noise or listen to loud music late at night or early in the morning.

- Please respect the family shedule and routine.

- In case you want to invite people to your house, please ask permission to the host family.

4) Neatness:

- Please keep your room clean and neat, as well as the room you use (bathroom, dinning room, living room, kitchen, etc.).

- After cooking or using the kitchen, please wash the dishes you used and put them back where you found them.

- It would be nice of you if you offer some help at the house, such us doing the washing up after dinner, cooking a special dish from your country, etc.

- Please lay your bed in the mornings and maintain you room in an ordelrly manner.

- Laundry service is not included. Ask the family where you can take your clothes to wash since it is not possible for you to use the washing machine in the house, unless your family allows you to do it).

5) Meals and drinks:

- Food and meal times in Argentina may be different to what you are used to in your country. Even though you should ask your family about their own customs, in general Argentineans’ customs are:

Breakfast: breakfast time is normally from 7 to 9 am.

For most families, breakfast is fast and light. They have cafe, milk, tea, toasts, bread, cookies, jam and butter. Argentineans do not have fried eggs, meat or bacon for breakfast.

Lunch:  Most people have lunch from 12:30 to 2 pm. Even though lunch is not included in the homestay, you should know that in Argentina lunch is similar to dinner.

Dinner: In general, dinner time is around 9 pm.

- Alcoholic drinks are not included. If occasionally your host family invites you with wine at dinner it would be nice of you if you can do the same sometime during your stay.

It is expected that you inform in your Booking Form if you are allergic to some food or drink. In case you didn’t please let the family know as soon as possible.

Please ask the host for permission if occasionally you want to cook a meal for the family. Surely, they will appreciate your help very much.

- If you use some cookware, please wash it and put it back where you found it when you are finished.

- If you wish to have something different for dinner or breakfast to what is normally served, you may need to buy it yourself.

- It is not allowed to drink or eat in the bedrooms. Please use the dining room for it.

6) Other general issues:

- Please, use only the water you need and do not leave lights on when you are not in the room.

- If you accidentally break something from the house, it is expected that you talk with the host about replacing it or repairing it if possible. In both cases, you should pay for the cost.

- Please keep your valuables at home in a secure place. Both the host family and the school are not resposible for theft or lost.

- Personal care products are not included, except towels, soap and toilet paper.

- When moving in, you will be provided with the house keys. You must give them back to the host when your stay finishes.

7) Information:

- Please  let BSL know in case there is a problem with the family or in the house. We will do our bests to solve it as soon as possible.

-  In case you have some health problem, please tell the family and BSL so we can pay attention to any urgent situation or help you to visit a doctor.

- During your stay in Bariloche, BSL and your host family are authorised to make decisions under emergency circumstances. You must provide BSL or your host family with a contact number to call your family / friend in case it is necessary.

-  If for some reason you want to move to a different home stay, you must communicate your reasons to BSL. The school will only change your home stay if we consider it is really necessary and depending on availabiliy. In case the family is providing the student with the service agreed, the student must stay for the time booked before moving out.

- If the student leaves the house before expected without reaching to an agreement with the family host and BSL, he / she will not be able to claim for any reimbursement of the money already payed.

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